After 11 years together as a couple, and two years of marriage, Christina and Shalene decided to explore the possibility of having a child.  But where to start?

The first thing they did was to attend a free seminar with Dr. Bradford Kolb.  While there, they learned about the science behind assisted reproductive technologies (ART)—as well as revisiting the basic biology of a woman’s reproductive system.

The next step was to set up a consultation with Dr. Kolb.  Right from the start, says Christina, “We felt welcomed by the entire team.  They were very understanding of our needs and patient with our questions.”

The next step was to choose a sperm donor.  After reading through online profiles provided by the sperm bank, they found the perfect match.  They had already decided that Christina would carry the pregnancy, and given that each test and ultrasound confirmed that there were no obvious fertility issues, they started with intrauterine insemination (IUI), a process that involves placing sperm directly into the uterine cavity via a small catheter.

After the first attempt, the couple was successful; Christina was pregnant.  And on May 15, they welcomed their daughter, Kaiyah, into the world.

“We were amazed,” says Christina, “that it worked so quickly.”  And even if the process had taken more time, both moms recommend that, if you’re considering building your family, “Why not try it?”

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